Thursday, May 21, 2020

More Letters from the "Sower Family Inside"

I am 81 years old and I have been incarcerated since 1974. I was recently introduced to your ministry by another inmate and he said you could possibly add my name to your mailing list to receive your Seeds of Hope. If you could do this, I would be most grateful to you. I wish to say thank you in advance. -L

Thank you for your prayers for my daughter and grandkids. I’m praying for your ministry to be financially secure and many reap the blessings from attending the Bible College. I wish I could go! This is holy week so I reflect on the April 8 Seed of Hope and the prayer was fantastic. Help us all Lord Jesus reflect on the cross!  -A 

Please pray for healing for my mother and father, for my placement in protective management unit because I’m at serious risk of harm; for my pending case in  court and future cases to be filed for bringing positive reform to the system and my release from prison and protection for my friends. I recently transferred. Will you please be so kind as to change your records to reflect my new mailing address so I can continue to receive the Seeds of Hope and newsletter because they truly are a blessing in my life. I also would like to thank your ministry and those who make it possible for me to receive it through donations to your ministry. May the Lord continue to richly bless and keep each of you and your loved ones as He continues to guide you in His perfect will.  -G 

I am writing to you because I really do read your daily devotions book day by day because I get a lot out of them and I want to ask you as well as begging you to please put me back on your mailing list. Also please send me your daily devotional book month by month if you do not mind and try to make it on time please. Thank you so much and keep up the good work for the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope and pray that the Lord Jesus continues to bless your ministry. It has been a long time since I heard from you all. I want you to know that I pray for you as well as your church members and your family too because prayer does change things and yes he is so very real also, always on time whenever we need him for anything. I’m asking you to please keep me and my mother as well as the rest of the family and all the inmates here, also the staff too, that things get better and better, the food, getting to go out to the yard more often plus the canteen. Everybody in the whole wide world needs praying for in Jesus name and that is why we in Christ Jesus need to always thank him and lift up his name by praising his name. So I ask you to keep on praying and praying and always meditate on him all the time. -C 

In regards to your magazine subscription, is your magazine free and if not, can I send you stamps for I do not have money but I can get stamps from a friend or two in here to give you as I did like the message that it gave me when I read your words in the magazine as it gave me great joy in my spirit. Hope you will write me back soon.  -D 

I’m sorry I do not have a gift to send, but if I can, I would like to be added to your mailing list. I don’t know how you got my information but your booklet came at a perfect time. I’ve currently been dealt blow after blow after blow and haven’t had any relief. I lost my faith and turned my back on God. Yours was the second sign I got. Now I’ve risen from the floor and am on my knees in prayer. I need help. Thank you. You are appreciated. God Bless. -Z  (Another prisoner filled out an enrollment card on Z’s behalf for him to receive the Seeds. Never underestimate how God can use a small gesture of faith.) 

My continued peace in my circumstances, my three children and for my father to forgive me for coming to prison. -J 

Pray that my family will want to see me in prison. My wife has only come to see me once in five years. My daughter only two times in five years. Thank you for being so faithful sending me Seeds of Hope! - W 

Pray for all of my family to forgive me one day. I don’t get any letters from them any more. Pray to keep the evil out of this prison. Thank y’all.  -S 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

More Prayer Requests


What a blessing to hear from you and thank you so much for the little book. I am not in the same unit any longer. I got moved back in April of last year to another unit. I love reading your Seeds but since it was going to my old unit, most of the time I don’t receive them. Last year was not very good for me. I had my right kidney removed with cancer. They say that they got it all but I have to keep going back to have a CAT scan done every six months to make sure it has not come back. Please keep me in your prayers, and I always keep you in mine. God bless you and your ministries. -J

Pray for reconciliation with my parents, brother, and family. Please pray for God to continue to open up doors for me to evangelize the gospel when released from prison in 2020. Right now God has used me as a vessel to preach repentance and remission of sins on the rec-yard, having been preaching since the Lord first moved my spirit in July 2019. Pray for revival in this country and around the world for people to turn from their sins and repent believing on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and for God to use me like he used Billy Graham. Thank you. -D

This is my year to go to the T.C. to work and make me some money before I go home! Please keep me and my children and grandbabies in prayer that we will reunite with the love of Christ. I am 64 years young and I am ready to live my life the way God made and wanted me to live. It has been a long road but God is worth it. Thank you. -C

I don’t know how I ever started my day out without the Seeds of Hope. I love how it breaks down everything so that I can understand it. Thank you for sending it to me right at my cell door. My husband has pancreatic cancer and is failing in health. All we want is to be together again before he passes. Could you please lift us up in prayer? Thank you for planting a seed. -O

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Letters from the Sower Family "Inside" For 4-14-2020


I’m currently incarcerated in Florida. I recently gave my life of sin, drug abuse and Satan’s bondage up for the glory of God. I’m in such peace now. It’s unbelievable that I finally found it in a confinement cell in a max security prison. I feel a great calling to the ministry field as I will be released in July 2020. In the meantime, I would love to receive your Bible study as well as get on your mailing list for the monthly devotional, newsletter and any other Christian literature you can offer me as well as your prayers. Thank you and God bless. -J

I must thank you for your words this month in Show Me the Love. They struck home, literally home. I’ve been in prison for almost six years and my then-wife finishes up her two years in May. My double life, lies, and not-so-secret addiction destroyed our lives as we knew them. So when I heard of her imprisonment, I reached out to let her know she’s not alone. I was not expecting to hear back from her. It’s amazing how God works. I’ve been able to come clean, seek and gain her forgiveness. We have since reconciled our friendship and fellowship, growing closer as friends and as servants of our unfailing God. It hasn’t been easy; there’s obstacles only God can overcome. I have learned how to be honest, loving, to tell the truth – in full – even if it’s hard and how vital that it. With His Word and through you, we’ve just read what I’ve been trying to say for two years now. I love her; not like I did rather how God wants and needs me to, for her. A pure, deep and holy love, not how I saw her or she sees herself, but how the Creator of Heaven and Earth sees her – honest and true. God has given me a talent that I’ve neglected for years and what started as an attempt to cheer her up with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and her encouragement “not to squander my God-given talent,” I now find art a ministry. I draw and create with what God furnishes to share His love and beauty with others, freely and free of charge. The way love is. “He so loved... He gave…” I can’t draw it any clearer. You couldn’t say it any better – His Word, His Life said it all. -G

Thank you for your hope and Seed of Faith. I’m a union carpenter from Chicago and I’ll be getting my pension back when I get out in 2021. I’m 67 years old. I hope I live through this coronavirus. Please pray for me. I’m praying for all of you to stay safe and wear your masks. They have moved me to another prison. Please pray I live to see my great-grandkids. J

I just had to write to say thank you for your letter. It was a Godsend. Now I can say I have gotten two letters from someone since I’ve been locked up and both are from you. It’s a good feeling to get one and yes, staying in the word really helps. I don’t know if you know or not but since the coronavirus that’s going around all the prisons are on lockdown so no one can come in and no school of any kind, no church, nothing. I started another Bible study – that makes three now. I’ve got to stay busy. They say the lockdown will only be for two or three weeks. I pray so. I’m worried about my mother. She’s 82 and in a nursing home. I write her every week and by the next week I always get a letter from her but I’ve written her four letters in the past month and no letters back. She’s all I have left. If anything does happen to her, it will kill me after losing dad four months ago. But I know God could not get a better angel than my mom. God bless you and stay safe. -L

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Letter About One Of The "Guido Girls"

Once each month, a group of ladies from the First Baptist Church, Lyons, who identify themselves as “Guido Girls” meet on campus and write letters to every prisoner who writes us. It has been thrilling to read the responses from prisoners who, in turn, write to us to express their gratitude for the letters the “Girls” write. Many of them say that we are the only ministry who responds to their correspondence. The email below from Becky, who organized this ministry, tells a heart touching story. Who could have imagined that the family of a prisoner who wrote us would provide an opportunity for a family to be brought into the Kingdom of God? Think of this: someone took time to write a letter of encouragement to an unknown prisoner who reached out to thank us for a “Seed,” and ask for prayer for his family. This is one more indication of the impact and effectiveness of our prison ministry. Please continue to support and pray for Guido Ministries Inside. Be blest! - Larry Guido

Yesterday I went out to see Jackie, one of the Guido Girls. She is retired from the Department of Family and Children Service, DFACS. I gave her the letter from the inmate from Lyons and we discussed the situation concerning the wife. I left the letter with Jackie and she called me later that she had talked to her. The lady was very nice and grateful for the call but said she didn't need anything. She said the main thing she was coping with right now was 6 children at the house. I can imagine.

Jackie is going to keep in contact with her and continue to see what we can do for her. Jackie and I are both in a WMU group at church, Women of Hope (Helping other people everywhere) and we are going to see sometime in the near future if we can't get her some groceries or something else. Also when we get back to having church services we're going to do our best to get her and the children into church and SS. Her husband maybe home by then since he's supposed to be released around the first week of May. I felt like Jackie would be a really good person to talk to this lady since she had worked in family situations for years with her work. I drove out by the address he sent and it is just about a half-mile from where I live. It is in a trailer park that is not in good condition at all. Her trailer looked almost deserted and boxes were piled all over the front. There was no vehicle there so I'm not sure if she even lives there anymore. We'll see.

Not sure if we'll be there next Thursday or not, depending on if the ladies want to get out. If we don't come to do the letters there I'll come to pick them up and get them to the ladies and they can do them at home and I'll get them back to y'all. Have a blessed and safe day all you very special people!


Thursday, April 2, 2020

Letters from the Sower Family "Inside" for 4-2-2020

I am writing because I want to share how your daily devotion has helped me do my time. Through all trials and tribulations, your Seeds of Hope has been a light at the end of a tunnel. I’ve been incarcerated for the past ten years. It’s not easy. Are there times in my life when I feel so discouraged and forgotten that I think God’s promises weren’t true? It can be difficult to see the Lord working when his voice seems silent but that’s where exactly he wants you to be. God’s mercy and love have given me a second chance in life. So I am very grateful for your ministry because you are an outlet for God’s kingdom. Thank you for remembering the undeserved and by the grace of God, I’m going home in three weeks. Can you please pray for me for guidance and God’s favor in my life? Thank you and may the Lord bless you always with health and strengthen you and your family. Please send the Seeds to my new address. -J

Carry my prayer among the churches as I have a bunky who practices witchcraft and tries to provoke me and criticize Lord Jesus. For the good Lord to show me great favor and favor among men to help me navigate this treacherous environment. -S

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Prisoner letters For 4-1-2020


I am a Jesus Christ success story. I feel like a successful man because I found God in prison. I thank the Lord for the Lord. -M

A few words to thank you for your faithfulness in mailing me your publication monthly. It is an unspeakable blessing and encouragement in my walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Words cannot express my gratefulness and appreciation for this publication each month. May God richly bless you and continue to use you in reaching the lost and blessing believers with the word of God through your publication. -E

How are y’all? I pray y’all are well and blessed and also in the loving arms of our Lord God. I would like to thank you for all y’all do for our Father God! I have been in prison for two years when I came here. I couldn’t read or write but praise God in my search for him and being a child of God, he has taught me in his word to read and write some. Praise him. I love my Lord and all of his word as I learn his way and his word. I can use all the help I can get. So that being said, I see y’all have a daily devotional and other literature. I would like to thank you for anything you could send me and I know God would bless y’all if you can help. I pray y’all have a blessed year and God bless your families as well. -T

Please pray for the prison reform bill in Florida to be voted a “yes” and get passed this month. Pray for this dorm, full of sick, elderly women we care for – right now we have no hot water and they must bathe/shower in ice cold water. They act like its nothing – they are inhumane and don’t care for the elderly. -L

I pray this new year you have been full of blessings already. What an awesome God we serve, one who loves us and lays those blessings on us. I just want to thank you for the little “How Good is Good Enough” book. Once others here have read it, I will share it with my sister. I wake up each day just thanking God for the gift of life. For all He provides while I am here in prison. For his love and never being alone that he is always right here with me. Please pray for our families who support us while we are here. For our chaplains who preach God’s written word to us. The lost who don’t know Jesus as their savior. This prison – changes need to be made. The homeless who have no one – to put someone in their path.- I

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Prisoner Letters For 3-31-2020

I have been blessed to receive the Seeds of Hope devotional and the newsletter since coming to jail nearly a year ago. Both have been a huge blessing. I will be transferred to prison next month so please stop sending these devotionals here. I will definitely write from prison to give you my new address so you can start sending them again. I do have another request though. I have a buddy here at the jail that I have been sharing the Seeds of Hope with. He is a babe in Christ and will need much prayer and support once I leave for prison. Please send him the newsletter and Seeds. Also please pray for me as I head off to prison. I have a lengthy sentence and unless God chooses to work some miracle, by either shortening my sentence or lengthening my life, I will likely die in prison. I understand my mission. I am to shine the light of the Gospel of Christ in a very dark place and mentor, disciple and love as many prisoners as I can into God’s kingdom. Please pray for my wife of 40 years, our six children, their spouses, and our 12 grandchildren as they deal with the emotional wreckage I have left behind. Again, thank you so much for your prison ministry to prisoners, it is so desperately needed and greatly appreciated and don’t forget to start sending the devotionals to my buddy.  -D 

It is my prayer as you read this missive you and all of the members of the ministries is so very blessed and high favored in the eyes of our awesome God. Amen. I’m going on my 10th year of being locked up with a life sentence that I do not claim but I truly do claim a life time commitment to God the Father and Jesus the Son, my only Savior and the Holy Spirit. Amen. My purpose of this letter is to truly express my gratitude for the Seeds of Hope for they are so very uplifting to me. I would ask that the two people listed can also receive them. My prayers will continue for the prosperity of the ministries.  -S 

The monthly Seeds of Hope you send to me has been a blessing to me and those around me. I just want to say thank you. I am someone that has a very bad temper. When I opened the booklet, the first thing I read was about anger. I knew immediately that God is dealing with me. He made this booklet happen for me. Now all is well with me. I want to say once again – thank you and please remember me and my kids in your prayers. I want to hear from them.  I truly appreciate everything.  -S 

I am writing to ask you all to help us here with our ministry. I am an inmate and I head ministries here. We don’t have a way to get the copies here in prison so can you send them to me so I can pass them out to the men of God that need help. We are struggling with doctrine. We don’t have a chaplain here. There are about 150 men. Can you help us? Thank you for looking into this matter.  -T 

Thank you for writing to me. Mail is such an uplifter for us here. Being away from family and friends can be lonely. I tell people the day I left county jail to come here that “God packed His suitcase also” because He told me that He would never forsake me nor leave me. My sister now looks forward to getting my Seeds book once I’ve read it. She says it's her night time, quiet time reading. She is having surgery on October 29 and she is a young “72.” Please put her on your prayer list. Keep us here in your prayers. We get in the bottom of the valley at times. I am so thankful when that happens I just hold my arms up and God lifts me out. Reading my Seeds book makes me smile at some of the writings, others are truly written with my name on them. I get up at 4 AM every morning so I can have quiet time with our Father. Then around 5-5:30 AM we go to breakfast and then at 7:00 AM I go to work at our laundry. I am thankful that at “70” I have good health, and I give God all the praise for that. He does watch over us – how awesome. Thank you for your prayers. -I